UI Challenge 001 – Sign Up Screen

Published on: September 16, 2018 by victoria

UI Challenge 001 – Create a sign up page, modal, form, app screen, etc. (It’s up to you!).

Mobile version
Mobile - Main Screen Mobile - Sign up screen Mobile - Log in screen
Desktop version

Desktop - Sign Up
Wanderful is a travel itinerary app (that obvs does not exist) that allows users to create itineraries with detailed information about how to navigate to and from tourist (or not so touristy) attractions in a foreign city. The idea was inspired by my own (extremely detailed*) itinerary from the first time I visited Japan in 2014.

*When I say extremely detailed I mean extremely detailed: i.e. walking distance time, pictures downloaded from Google, exact timetables for trains and buses. What can I say? I can be pretty anal.

Best Practices:

  • Make it easy for your user to sign up or log in,
  • Make sure to differentiate the actions you want your user to take (i.e. login vs. sign up, or sign in vs. sign up),
  • Make sure your user understands your value proposition,
  • Give users the option to use their social media or email address to sign up or log in,
  • Give users the option to see their passwords to avoid typos,
  • Give users the option to remain logged in, and
  • Take the user journey into consideration when asking your user to sign up or log in.

Credit where it’s due:
Best practices:
Designing UX Login Form and Process by Nick Babich

16 Simplistic Signup/Login Best Practices Every App Developer Need to Know by Maggi Sebastian

The Picture:
Morning Trips by Jack Ward

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