UI Challenge 003 – Landing Page (above the fold)

UI Challenge 003 – Create a landing page (above the fold) for a book, album, app or product.  Consider important landing page elements (CTAs, clarity, etc.).

Mobile version
UI Challenge - Landing page (mobile version)
Desktop version
UI Challenge 003 - Landing page (desktop version)


I don’t make a secret of it that I am a coffee snob. My car may or may not need minor repairs, but I would rather spend $20+ on a bag of good coffee than a new air filter (#true story).

While coming up with an idea for this challenge, one of my bff’s mentioned the “pretend” coffee business she wants to own some day. So I created a “pretend” landing page for her “pretend” coffee business that strictly serves coffee that doesn’t pretend to be good.

Best practices:


  • Clarity and simplicity!
  • The value proposition needs to be center-front and clear,
  • Use relevant CTAs,
  • Show your product being used,
  • As always, understand your user’s journey.

Credit where it’s due:

The Comprehensive List of What Needs to Be Above the Fold on Your Homepage.

Landing Page Best Practices.

The picture.

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